Beyond injecting capital, Altos deploys one of its top caliber operating general partners to each middle-market portfolio company in order to take them to “new heights” through the introduction of managerial best practices, strategic planning, and deep industry contacts.

Experienced and Collaborative Team

The general partners of Altos bring over 70 years of private equity and 120 years of operating experience to bear in developing relationships, transacting, and advising management.  We risk significant personal capital in each portfolio company, aligning interests between new investors, management, and incumbent shareholders.

Distinctive Strategy

Altos brings together three key elements in each transaction:

Top Caliber Executive. Our operating general partners are exceptional executives who are integral to selecting and investing in a company where they can develop and lead a tactical value creation plan.

Partnership-style Transactions.  We invest in controlling or significant minority stakes of companies where incumbent owners retain large ownership positions and embrace transformative change.

Transformative Change Management. Our primary value-add comes through professionalization and growth strategies, which facilitate a multi-fold scaling of the enterprise.