In each investment, one of Altos' top caliber operating general partners will lead the due diligence process and, post-closing, serve as CEO or Executive Chairman to execute a defined plan to create incremental shareholder value.

Top Caliber Executive

Our operating general partners have previously executed a successful growth strategy for a significantly larger and more complex business, often with private equity backing, culminating in a profitable liquidity event for shareholders.

Partnership-style Transactions 

Altos will invest in 33-75% ownership via a flexible combination of subordinated debt, preferred equity and common equity.   We can deploy between $10 million and $100 million and, other than a traditional bank relationship, Altos should be the only capital provider the company will need to execute its vision.

Path to Value Creation

We facilitate defined strategic improvements, led by our experienced executive partner, that often include improving operating performance (growing revenues, improving efficiency, etc.), improving working capital and asset utilization, enhancing the business with add-on acquisitions, developing the management team, and creating a value-added board of directors.